Vehicle Code 41501. (a): Following bail deposit, forfeiture, guilty plea, or conviction, the court can offer a continuance for individuals receiving a notice for a vehicle operation violation. This is contingent on successful completion of a traffic violator instruction course at a licensed school, as outlined in Section 1803.5 or 42005. Upon completion, the court may direct the Department to hold the conviction confidential in accordance with Section 1808.7. Individuals are informed that only one conviction within 18 months will be kept confidential.

The online final exam comprises 25 multiple-choice questions, and you have a 60-minute window for completion. This open book test allows reference to course material during the exam. To pass, a minimum score of 70% is required. In case of initial failure, one additional retake is permitted. If the second attempt falls below 70%, please contact us for further assistance.

Most courts grant extensions. Refer to your court paperwork and contact your court for extension information.

Per the 2013 California Vehicle Code section 42005:

In compliance with Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, and subject to specific provisions, the court, following fee deposit or bail under Section 42007, may authorize a person with a class A, class B, or commercial class C driver’s license, who pleads guilty, no contest, or is convicted of a traffic offense, to undergo instruction at a licensed traffic violator school. This applies if the person operated a vehicle requiring only a class C or class M license. The court cannot maintain the conviction record as confidential. However, the conviction doesn’t contribute to a violation point count for determining negligent operator status under Section 12810.5.

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