The Basics

New to traffic safety school? No worries! The Ocean View Traffic Safety School team is here to guide you through the process and help you successfully complete our online course. Let's begin with the basics: What is traffic school?

What It Is

Traffic safety school, also known as defensive driving or driver improvement school, differs across states and, at times, counties. Most states consider it a fundamental driver-improvement course for those with traffic infractions or non-criminal moving violations. The primary purpose is to conceal points associated with a traffic ticket, ensuring a clean driving record and preventing insurance premium increases resulting from the ticket.

Are You Eligible

To determine if traffic school is an option, contact the officer or county court that assigned the ticket. Some courts mandate attendance at a specific traffic school, and an administrative fee is often required before participation. Refer to your court paperwork for any queries about eligibility.

Successfully finishing our straightforward and effective course will conceal your traffic violation and its associated points from your driving record, ensuring low insurance rates. Additional benefits of our course include:

Uncertain if our online traffic school is suitable for you? If you can answer "Yes" to the following questions, you're eligible!

Does your violation carry 1 point or less?

Has it been at least 18 months since your last citation and traffic school course?

Were you driving a non-commercial vehicle when you were cited?

Why It Matters

Upon receiving a ticket, accumulating points on your license can be costly. Increased insurance premiums, or even license loss, may result. Our traffic safety course masks the points from the violation on your driving record. Only the court or DMV will have access to these points, ensuring your rates remain unaffected.

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